Kolzak, a blind outcast who can see the colors of people’s souls, has lost all hope for humanity, but a kind girl with a heart of turquoise might just change his mind.

– Published with Havok Magazine

– Awarded Editor’s Choice


What the Editors Say:

Blinded by Color” is the story embodiment of a vibrant swirl of colors in our mind. The concept is so unique, and the characters so realistic. This whole story is bright and colorful, but still touches on a deeper struggle underlying the vivid premise.


To survive in the treacherous canals of Kovost, Alef is willing to do anything, even dealing illegal drugs. But after a chance encounter with an impertinent Genie, his life begins to unravel with each step he takes.

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What the Readers Say:

This was AMAZING. From the Arabic feel to the drug themes to…literally all of it was so compelling and enchanting and wonderful. It was thick, mysterious, and delightful. I adored it! ~ Hope McClellan