Raindrops, Butterflies, and Flowers – Spring Photography Dump

Like most people in this time, I’ve been stuck at home for the past century feeling like I’m under house arrest. I may be a homeschooled introvert, but at a certain point even I want to just leave the house and go somewhere. Unfortunately, there’s only so many times you can go to the grocery store.

I was nearing my wits end until, one morning after a rainy night, my gaze landed on the flowers outside my window. As my eyes fixated on the raindrops sprinkled across their petals, the obvious smacked me in the face.

I can still go outside.

I grabbed my camera (in true photographer fashion), threw open the door, slid into a pair of flip-flops, and sprang into the gorgeous Spring morning.

The air was moist with the intoxicating scent of lingering rain. I wanted to suck it all in, again and again, and I gladly would’ve stood there doing just that if I wasn’t afraid of hyperventilating.

Thanks to the amazing gardener that is my mother, countless flowers adorn and bring color into our backyard. Like a bee, minus the fluff, I darted from one flower to another, every single one dusted in raindrops. I felt like laughing with delight. It was only our backyard, but by gazing minutely into the tiny world of flowers, bees, and butterflies, I entered into a whole new realm. The realm of Spring.

Here I share with you glimpses of this magical kingdom, hopefully to inspire you to go outside and do the same, if you can.

I wish raindrops could stay forever so I could it wear this diamond-studded rose in my hair.

Bunny Ears (they’re actually called Lamb’s Ears, but since they’re so long and ridiculously soft, I think bunny ears is a more suitable name.) Sparkling in raindrops, I had an urge to touch it, caress it. Similar to the urge to pop bubbles, except not as violent. After taking this picture, I did just that, tingling with thrill at the cool water bathing my fingers.

…annnd more Bunny Ears! This time I resisted spoiling the pure, glistening beauty.

Raindrops on Beautiful Pink Rose | The Voyaging Storyteller

Why are roses so hopelessly lovely?

You will not believe how tempting it was to make every single one of those raindrops burst.

So sparkly. So bubbly. So tempting.

Normally I’d dart away from a spider web with repulsion, but a spider web laced in raindrops is a rather awesome thing to behold.

I used to be terrified of bees, but now I’m jealous of them. Wouldn’t it be fun to be a fuzzy honey bee? To sleep inside a flower petal? Sipping nectar all the day long?

I’ve always imagined that pink blossoms are the physical incarnation of Spring…

Butterflies! I stared at them for the longest time because, unlike other butterflies I’ve chased, these two actually stayed still long enough for me to see their long tongues curling in and out of the flowers, sucking up sweet nectar. It was extremely cool to witness.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go out and smell the roses! A whole world of fresh growth is ready for you to explore. There are new things to see every time you go outside, if you look closely enough.

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