Blinded by Color // My First Publication

GUYS. I am literally bouncing out of my chair in excitement because as of today, I am a published author. *screams* My flash fiction Blinded by Color is the story of a blind man who can see the colors of people’s souls, and it is available for free only today on Havok Magazine. I would be incredibly honored and grateful if you read it and commented your thoughts!

If you are a fellow writer, I would highly recommend submitting to Havok. They publish clean, family-friendly flash fiction in a broad array of genres, all centered around season themes. The team is a pleasure to work with and the process is easy and well-organized.

Actually, I changed my mind. I won’t recommend. I will force you. Fellow writer, go submit to Havok, so you can be published too and we can celebrate together! *shoves*

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my story!

8 thoughts on “Blinded by Color // My First Publication

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! (again!) I love that story so much and you did such an incredible job with it ❤ (And it would still be amazing to have a longer story set in that world… 😉 )

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